White Bear Trading Co is your partner for product development and sourcing. We focus on simple through complex products, helping our clients and brand partners (both internal and external) with existing as well as new products. We can assist with providing components/materials specifications, sourcing, finished good quality control, importing, full product development services from product concept to finished product specifications, as well as full manufacturing/shipping services. With all products and projects, we maintain a focus on quality control, compliance issues, and testing  to meet the needs of our clients and their end retail customers. Contact White Bear today to discuss your needs.

Areas of expertise:

  • Electronic component sourcing
  • General sourcing or pre produced and custom produced products from metal, wood, glass, plastic, fabric, and other materials
  • Finished goods sourcing of standard and custom: toys, consumer electronics, cell phone accessories, appliances, home fragrance & air fresheners, hardware, lighting, home decor, camping and outdoors, automotive, furnishings, LED lighting, solar components, air care, and molded plastic products of all kinds.
  • Circuit board design and assembly
  • CAD engineering and design taking a hand drawn concept to a professional 3D digital drawing
  • Full CAD files for use in 3D printing, injection mold making, or digital use
  • 3D printing and modeling
  • Building full working prototypes
  • Mold making
  • Injection molded parts
  • Complex assemblies (ie: metal and plastic, electronic build ins, etc…)
  • Packaging sourcing
  • Full product assembly and pack out

What makes us different is our legs on the ground approach with an experienced team. Our US, Hong Kong, and Mainland China based team has extensive experience with OEM manufacturing of products going into stores such as Bath & Body Works, Wallmart, Target, AutoZone, PepBoys, QVC, Menards, Dillards, among many others. With this experience we understand the quality, compliance, and testing needs of these major retailers and the companies that supply products to them, whether of individual components, or full finished products.

In addition to supply, development and manufacturing services, full consultancy and training services are available to maximize our clients profitability, develop skilled internal teams, and build long term overseas relationships.

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