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Reach out to us today to discuss your sourcing or product needs.

  • Electronic component sourcing
  • General sourcing or pre produced and custom produced products from metal, wood, glass, plastic, fabric, and other materials
  • Finished goods sourcing of standard and custom: toys, consumer electronics, cell phone accessories, appliances, home fragrance & air fresheners, hardware, lighting, home decor, camping and outdoors, automotive, furnishings, LED lighting, solar components, air care, and molded plastic products of all kinds.
  • Circuit board design and assembly
  • CAD engineering and design taking a hand drawn concept to a professional 3D digital drawing
  • Full CAD files for use in 3D printing, injection mold making, or digital use
  • 3D printing and modeling
  • Building full working prototypes
  • Mold making
  • Injection molded parts
  • Complex assemblies (ie: metal and plastic, electronic build ins, etc…)
  • Packaging sourcing
  • Full product assembly and pack out

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